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Legal help for Australians

We are an Australian law firm built from the ground up for everyday Australians. We help with legal problems like employment, debt and mortgage, medical, cosmetic, and health treatment.

We offer a fixed fee service, for employment rights, warranty coverage, insurance, superannuation and compensation.

Let us help you

We offer the following, and more:

  1. Recover loss from medical treatment

  2. Help with all types of employment problems

  3. Dispute or negotiate debts

  4. Access your superannuation

  5. Access insurance

  6. Obtain compensation

  7. Access government options for treatment

  8. Access your medical records

  9. Negotiate treatment fees

  10. Negotiate debt and funds access

Issues before treatment?

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Issues after treatment?

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Step 1

Know your rights

We offer a free legal consultation to provide you with your legal options before or after loss is suffered.

Contact us so that we can explain how you can pursue these options by yourself, or with our assistance.

Step 2

Take action

We offer:

  1. Fixed fee legal advice to help you prepare or recover entitlements.

  2. Assistance in completing forms.

  3. Full service help.

Step 3

Recover your loss

We ensure that you recover the maximum amount possible for you.

We aim to empower Australians so they can move forward with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I need explant surgery but cannot afford the full en bloc procedure. Can you help?

    Yes, you have many options. We can help you to gain access to warranty, superannuation or insurance funds to undergo the proper capsulectomy or en bloc procedures so you won’t be out of pocket.

  2. I think my medical implant is making me sick. What can be done?

    You have a lot of options. You can recover money from the implant manufacturer, your doctor, or your insurance company. We can help you with this.

  3. I think my doctor did the wrong thing, but I’m not sure.

    This is not uncommon. We can provide you with a safe consultation for review of your medical records in confidence and a preliminary opinion on whether you have a right to recover. Get in touch to book a free consult.

  4. I only need help to get Centrelink or Medicare

    We offer a quick service for your Medicare, or Centrelink recovery. Take a look here.

  5. I just want to recover my treatment costs

    We can help with contacting manufacturers to see what is available to you in regard to warranty or reimbursement for surgeon fees.

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