Products causing injury

  • We help our clients recover loss due to failed or faulty products.

  • We specialise in faulty medical devices, including breast implants, female contraception, and faulty joints.

  • We work with reliable medical experts to create a strong claim for recovery.

Breast implant injuries

Breast implant illness and injuries are becoming more common, and the Australian regulatory framework has let a number of Australian women down.

Rise has established a special task force to assist Australian women with this increasing issue. We can help with:

  1. Claims for illness or injury through rupture or systemic poisoning;

  2. Claims from explant or capsulectomy surgery;

  3. Claims against surgeons for failure to warn of risks.

Faulty joints

Faulty joints, including faulty metal on metal hip replacements are common in Australia. These medical devices can result in loss of mobility, freedom, and in some cases, systemic and long term impairment.

Rise Lawyers are specialists in claims arising from receipt of faulty joint replacements. We can assist with:

  1. Claims for faulty hip replacements;

  2. Leaching of cobalt and chromium;

  3. Claims for recovery due to revision surgery.

Faulty commercial goods

Australian consumer law offers compensation and protection if a product is not fit for the purpose that it has been provided to the public.

If you have suffered loss because a product hasn’t operated as intended, Rise can help. We assist with claims involving loss arising from:

  1. Electrical faults;

  2. Mechanical faults; and

  3. Fault diagnosis.