About Us

We are a local law firm built from the ground up to help everyday Australians.

We have three core aims:

1) To provide exceptional quality legal services

2) To help you understand and resolve your legal problems

3) To promote equality, transparency and accountability

We take an active voice for change in the Australian legal system.

About Rosemary Listing - Director and Founder

Hi there,

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My name is Rosemary listing and I am the founding lawyer at Rise.

In my work at a local law firm in Canberra, I learned first hand of the thousands of Australians slipping through the cracks in the Australian medical, employment and financial systems.

So, in 2018 I took on more study to understand how I can be part of a solution. My research took me to America where I met with other lawyers and learned more about the large gaps in Australian law for everyday Australians, particularly women.

I founded Rise Lawyers to enforce the law for everyday Australians, and to protect and empower Australians to pursue their rights.

I believe:

  • Education is knowledge and empowerment, and

  • The law can be used for positive change, which means equality, transparency and accountability.


  • Australian Lawyers for Human Rights - Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Sub-Committee

  • Health Care Consumer’s Association (NSW and ACT)

  • ACT Law Society

  • ACT Lawyers for Human Rights

  • RSI & Overuse Injury Association of the ACT, Inc

  • ACT Law Society Access to Justice Committee

What our clients are saying about us:

We take an active voice in the community focusing on Australian’s legal rights.

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