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Treated unfairly at work?

If you have suffered:

  1. unfair dismissal

  2. sexism, demeaning behaviour, sarcasm

  3. derogatory comments

  4. harassment

  5. exclusion

  6. failed progression due to sex discrimination or pregnancy

  7. intimidation

  8. unjustified demotion

  9. threats in your workplace

  10. reduced pay, despite equal work

You will likely have a claim for workplace entitlements.

For a free consultation on your workplace issue

Phone: 0413 634 739

Email: rosemary.listing@riselawyers.com.au

We focus on bad workplace culture - No problem too big - no case too small. You are not alone.

Employees and contractors are vulnerable to unfair workplace culture and pressure.

Workplaces have systemic unfair practices that are condoned by management.

We know that you are scared to lose your job.

Rise will give you clear, straightforward advice on your workplace rights so that you can move forward with confidence.

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“We give you clear, straightforward advice on your workplace rights”

Rise can help you if, for example:

  1. You have been dismissed because you are pregnant.

  2. You have been ‘let go’ because you don’t fit into a sexist workplace culture.

  3. You have been sacked for taking sick leave.

  4. You have been threatened for making a valid workplace complaint.

  5. You have been underpaid.

The first consultation is free.

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